• — Allen Pelling, TG Productions
    One of the hardest working and consistently great staging providers in London. We've used ZEROdB Live since 2012

  • — Josh Rosen, Brixton Academy
    Lovely Decking too!

  • — Chris Toich, Outback Events
    We use ZEROdB Live because unlike many of the competitors, Rob and the team geniunely give their all in making sure our events are a success.

  • — Alisha Mir, 180 The Strand
    Super lovely stages, beautifully presented and finished.

  • — Jon McMullan, Made Up Ltd
    Super Smooth, these guys make building a stage look easy. We use ZEROdB Live for all those jobs we need extra expertise and skills.

  • — Josh Robinson, Hospital Records
    We worked with Rob and the ZEROdB Live Team for our Brixton Academy events, which totally defined a new standard and era in large scale drum n bass shows. Brilliant…

  • — Alex Anderson, Louder Entertainment
    My first port of call for all things riser and production management related. Brilliant every time.

  • — Liam Murphy, One Circle Events
    Only ZEROdB Live have the unique combination of infrastructure, capacity, contacts and most crucially humanity to supply all our festivals consistently and successfully.

  • — Tyler Crawford, Tour Manager, Majical Cloudz
    Once in a while you work with someone whose energy and passion makes you realise how much you love what you do. It keeps you fresh, excited and motivated. Thank you for today, I remember why I do this.

  • — Johnny Francis, Betty TV
    I love it when you are here, everything goes right and I do not have to worry.

  • — John Waters, Pitshanger Park Community Association
    So professional with your staging, the platform was perfectly level despite uneven ground. Really impressed, consider yourselves booked again next year.

  • — David Wyrich, Cocoon
    Please say thank you to your team, a totally amazing show, low stress set up, so smooth and so good, truly awesome

  • — Jeffrey Botten, Promise FM
    Thank you and the team for your hard work - the event went well.